Who We Are

​​BIIA is an organization of local residents committed to mobilizing support for practical and progressive community enhancement initiatives by our municipality and the private sector. Our primary aim is to foster and maintain both economic stability and quality of life on Bowen Island.

We’ve been active on Bowen for some 50 years, advocating responsive, efficient and accountable local government and functioning as a voice of reason in promoting solutions to the Island’s past and present controversies.
Our membership represents Islanders from all walks of life who share a respect for property rights, individual rights and rational, sensible development, balanced with the socio-economic goals and environmental character of the community.

What we stand for

BBIIA positions itself as both centrist and balanced on the development issues that continue to create divisions on Bowen. While we inherently support a Council that promotes enlightened, environmentally-sensitive residential and business development policies, we recognize there is resistance to the prospect of change and growth among a segment of the community.
In dealing with these differences, our code of conduct emphasizes common sense and civility. As a centrist organization, our objective is to maintain constructive dialogue among all sides of the political spectrum. Balance, however, is the hallmark of our appeal, as we aim to encourage economic activities that benefit the population-at-large while being equally committed to preserving the natural beauty and character of the Island.
We believe that most Bowen residents are in favour of the quality of life enhancements that would result from projects now in the conceptual or planning stages, including the realization of a Community Centre, affordable housing for seniors and the evolution of Snug Cove.
We believe that these and other ambitious initiatives can be accomplished with solid public support, over time, while still maintaining a high degree of essential municipal services. For those who object to the prospect of sensible, well-planned growth, BIIA urges them to consider that successful communities must evolve to survive–and those that fail to adapt risk stagnation.

What we do

BIIA accomplishments are based on the ability to deliver support, consultation and constructive feedback to Bowen’s decision-makers on issues that will shape the island’s future.
We represent our members, and the public, at Council meetings and are prepared to take action or speak out in support of (or opposition to) issues affecting our community. Here are some examples:
• Played a major role in organizing strategy and garnering support for the referendum that led to creation of a municipality on Bowen (1997).
• Carried out research and produced reports on population trends, ferry use, policing and commercial and business opportunities to assist Council in its planning (mid-2000s).
• Initiated the 2010 petition campaign that successfully led Council to call for a community vote on developing a National Park on Bowen.
• Co-sponsored the petition to exclude Crippen Park from the proposed National Park boundaries (endorsed by 1,150 Islanders, or more than half of registered voters).
• Mobilized resistance to three municipal bylaws introduced in 2011 that intruded on individual rights of Bowen property owners, including sponsorship of the Red Alert public information newsletter. (These efforts resulted in quashing two of those excessive bylaws.)
• Made major contributions to the Election Connection publications produced in 2011, documenting the need for change in our municipal government.
• Produced series of e-communications, BIIA-BEAT (2012-2014) commenting on issues involving the Islands Trust, current Council’s progress, political aspects of the Stop the Docks campaign, and the need for public will to spark action on Snug Cove and ferry marshaling.

BIIA Directors (2014)

Gerry Sear (President) — Tom Edwards (Vice President)
Peter Baumgartner  — Rondy Dike — Richard Goth — John Greene
David Hazlewood — Ian Henley — Gayle Stevenson — Richard Underhill


registered under LECFA,

PO Box 114, Bowen Island, V0N 1G0
Copyright © 2014 Bowen Island Improvement Association. All rights reserved.

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